death to life


death to life

creative direction • branding development • motion graphics • production design • apparel + merchandise


asst. art direction josh spear
photography alyssa anderson
stage design adara smith
screen printing danger press (atl, ga)


This was a branding initiative for two separate gatherings for Good Friday and Easter at Gospel City Church. Overall, the art direction focused on the transformation that comes when someone puts their faith in Jesus.

The digital brand was developed to reflect the subsequent stage design, as well as reflect the overall transformative theme. The main goal was to not only create a thematic and creative brand, but to showcase the theme of transformation between the two gatherings in all aspects from graphics, live visuals, and stage + environment design.

title graphics
live gathering

creative direction

The branding development for this event was built on line illustrations to create a centralized circle icon, as well as unique frames that were used in both live visual graphics and digital + print graphics.

Traditional etchings and illustrations were also relied on to create texture and depth to the brand. With both the illustrated and etched elements combined, a unique icon symbolizing the transformative theme was created and later developed into a screen printed shirt.

animated icon
line illustrations
brand icon

aesthetic contrast

The floral elements used in the digital branding were intended to show the thematic contrast between death and life. With the Good Friday gathering being centered around the death of Christ, the imagery was desaturated and more lifeless. In contrast, the imagery for the Easter graphics were vibrant and rich, symbolizing the new life there is in Christ.

This contrast was also later played out in the production design on the stage with actual silk florals.

brand textures + imagery
social media posts
invite card

apparel + merchandise

shirt design
sticker design

event + production

A stark contrast in collective imagery between Good Friday and Easter was achieved by manipulating color, texture, and stage design elements. The Good Friday gathering used mostly textures from etchings with desaturated blues and deep reds. This created a gritty and rougher look.

The Easter gathering utilized less of the etching textures and relied more heavily on smooth, paint-like textures. The colors also reflected a more royal and celebratory palette in purples and golds.

spanning visuals

A majority of the visuals for both gatherings were formatted for a three screen stage design. The visuals were created using After Effects, and implemented using Renewed Vision's PVP.

layered visuals

With the graphics being triggered through PVP, the ability to overlay additional imagery was used exclusively for the Easter gathering. Comic book style animated overlays were triggered live to make the visuals more dynamic and give some needed texture to stay in step with the energy of the band.

production design

The main stage elements for each gathering was an elaborately adorned cross. Made from two large wooden beams, the cross was decorated with silk florals and garlands for each gathering.

The Good Friday gathering featured a robust bouquet of darker silk florals, along with very detailed vines and garland. In contrast, the Easter gathering completely filled the face of the cross with large, vibrant silk florals.

Apart from the stage design in the auditorium, featured spaces in the lobby space like the 'JESUS' wall were also decorated to match the style of the cross on stage for each gathering.

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