the arbor - delight

view project
tactical energy group
brand + visual identity
j2 marketing open house
motion graphics + video production
running with life
web design + prototype
Worldwide Jewlery & Pawn
web design + prototype
paladin design house
brand + visual identity
clarity camp
live event graphics + opener video
the garage arcade bar
web design
live event graphics + brand
hope is alive
live event graphics
south bend elkhart regional partnership
page layout + print design
gilley remodeling
morris hospitality group
the arbor - joy
brand, film, production design
soli deo gloria
branding, apparel + merch
motions + visuals
loops, textures
there is a light
branding, film, production design
holy week online
branding, production design
series graphics
branding, bumpers
the arbor - delight
branding, film, production design
death to life
branding, live visuals, apparel + merch
summer isn't canceled
branding + web series
gospel city church
branding + culture development
whitney's story
documentary film
the arbor - grow
branding, live gathering, documentary film
branding, live visuals
series branding, bumpers
brad + mike's story
documentary film
logo animation
branding, live visuals, film series
the arbor - hospitality
branding, production design, live visuals
the arbor - launch
branding, culture development, live visuals
our savior has come
animated short film
thirst conference
transformation ministries
documentary film
wolverine electrical contracting
branding, web design
cover design
kids online
branding, animation + visuals, web series
lift up your eyes
branding, promo film
2C construction
branding, web design
made for more
campaign branding, promo film
E3 conference
branding, animation, live visuals
title animation