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After ten years of ministry, Harvest Bible Chapel, Granger sought to further their unique identity and begin the journey of a new name and brand. Anchored in the same fundamental truth and approach to ministry, the church selected a name that would represent them in their current season and beyond.

Coming from a background of shared branding, the intent in the church's new direction was to simplify and build the new brand slowly – starting with a clean wordmark. Ministry specific wordmarks were also created for the students and kids ministries.

primary wordmark
secondary wordmark - stacked
kids wordmark - revised 2020
students wordmark - revised 2020


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brand guide

culture + influence

Along with the visual identity, there was a growing need for continued refinement of the established culture. Rooted in four foundational concepts from the content creators of the church, a book outlining the cultural foundations, language, and practices was refined and proposed. The goal here was not to redefine the mission, but give some much needed definition to the person to person relationships within the church. The end hope was to unify the community with common language and concepts.

Ultimately, the desire was to have a resource that could be picked up by anyone within the community and in a few short pages, get a sense of the culture of the church. This resource could also act as a continued reference for both the leadership and members.

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proposed culture book

brand development

In the continued efforts to further establish the brand, several logos were developed and proposed. Recognizing the establishing themes of 'light' within the Gospel City Brand, imagery reflecting that concept were both visually and conceptually developed.

In addition, the brand was carried out through several tangible deliverables that were both implemented and proposed.

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proposed logo process
invite card
connect card
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proposed membership materials

language + dna

As a continued development of the overall church culture, clarity and a unified language was given to the volunteer efforts of the church. The goal here was to create a brand that would empower the volunteers and give a greater definition to what it means to be a servant within the church.

To be a host goes deeper than just filling a position and performing a task.

Being a host is an identity. It is to consider serving as a way of living. It should transcend the walls of the church and inform daily living and responses. Those who have had the experience of extraordinary hosting want to create those same types of spaces for others.

There Is A Place For You

proposed facility signage
kids signage

environment design

Gospel City Church endeavored to expand their facility, and with that came the need to reimagine their spaces and give creative direction to the architectural + construction efforts.

Thought and creative ideas were given to help reinforce the cultural foundations of the church in creating well-designed, clean, and inspiring environments.

environment mockups
implemented environments
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