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Morris Hospitality Group is a provider of catering, lodging, events, and dining. Drawing from the rich history of the Morris Estate in Niles,Michigan, they are a premium provider who was seeking to create a brand that encompassed all of their various venues and endeavors. They wanted this brand to stay true to their influence and heritage, while communicating class, quality, and service.

The process for this brand began with digging into the heritage of the Morris Estate property. Their brand needed to stay reminiscent of their current brand, while holding to their new goals and direction. A brand presentation was created to document the research and influential language and visual direction. From this presentation, the options were narrowed to a single direction that was further refined and expanded to create a responsive and scalable visual identity..

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alternate options

These curated options were part of the initial brand pitch but, sadly, hit the cutting room floor. Thankfully, they can live on right here. ✌🏻