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the arbor - joy

branding development • creative direction • film editing + production • production design


asst. art direction josh spear
photography hannah pendl
asst. film direction + camera op graham ward
event photography alyssa anderson


As the second part of a two part series, this event was centered on the biblical elements of joy. The art direction for this event took inspiration from the spring season and utilized similar key assets from the first event. Featured both digitally and in-room, the prints used in the first gatherings brand were hand painted and collaged.

Featured environment elements such as the photo booth, displays for hanging prints, and stage pieces were all re-imagined.

"These things I have spoken to you, that my joy may be in you and that your joy may be full." - John 15:11

Cultural Statement
An arbor is placed at the entrance to a garden. It’s what the plants cling to for support, growth, and purpose. It’s a framework for them to exist by. The arbor is a framework for life to cling to. It's patterns of growth are intricate and delicate. The center of the arbor is a doorway that gives access to the garden where there, the beauty thrives.

The arbor is an invitation for all to come and experience the beauty that awaits.

social media graphics


The concept behind this film was aimed at highlighting themes of joy within the script, while showcasing real women who make up the gathering. The footage was used for both this event and the previous, but was intended to be more vibrant and expressive. Keeping with the theme of the content for this gathering, several brand phrases were developed based on numerous joyful scriptures. These phrases were woven into the final script for this short film.

- Joy is a response
- Joy is an internal revival
- Joy is an eternal promise
- Joy is a shout of victory
- Joy is a song of praise
- Joy is a dance of thankfulness

brand development

With the first gathering in this two part series being focused on desaturated imagery, the approach to the second gathering focused on how to bring more life to the same imagery. Drawing from the initial digital concepts, a creative collection of volunteer artists were pulled together to execute the physical attributions to the original photo prints. These finished physical pieces were then strategically photographed then used to further the digital graphics.

Each one of these prints were put on display in custom built environment pieces during the live gathering.

environment + production design

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