holy week online


holy week online

creative direction • production design • branding development • motion graphics


asst. art direction josh spear
photography alyssa anderson
set builder jimmy gilley


For the 2020 Easter season, a pivot was inevitable. For this particular endeavor, the task ahead was big, but exciting. Alongside the creative team at Gospel City Church, we turned the usual gathering space into a studio space. A unique photoshoot, ambitious production design, and a reimagining of how to implement live visuals were all a worthy endeavor for a gathering that was one to remember.

easter title graphic
good friday title graphic

creative direction

The imagery for this brand was based around the biblical concept of the the veil being torn. The imagery was meant to reflect both the heaviness of the Good Friday message, as well as the celebration and life of the Easter message. We achieved this by capturing real plastic textures and living greenery. For the Good Friday imagery, the greenery and plastic was intended to feel exposed and unnatural in its color. The Easter imagery contrasted this by using natural light color, and featured elements to relieve the 'tension' with tears and softness to the textural elements.

brand photograhy
social graphics
lock screens
Left arrow
Left arrow
pre roll graphics

live event + production

Each gathering shared similar elements, but used them differently to achieve a healthy contrast between the two. Due to time and budget constraints, a custom softbox was designed, built, and flown in the center of the space. Custom stage walls and flooring were built and arranged in a square shape. The contrast between the gatherings continued in the approach to lighting. For the Good Friday gathering, the stage lighting was all from below; utilizing the wall panels to receive and bounce stage light. For the Easter gathering, the lighting was all from above in hopes of reflecting the joy and celebration of the message.

The scale of the idea called for a unique production design. The idea was to create a clean, white environment lit entirely by a single light source.

production design

live graphics

With the Easter gathering being entirely online, the familiar approach to live visuals wasn't going to work. So instead, some textures and loops were created and curated for the Easter gathering. Using PVP to mask the visuals and route them out to the video switcher, the visuals were used as frames.

motion frames
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