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there is a light

branding development • creative direction • film editing + production • motion graphics • production design


asst. film direction graham ward
director of photography josh spear
photography alyssa anderson
camera operator ryan blaske
asst. camera + focus carter warn


There is a light. What will we do with it? Will we ignore it and keep stumbling our way in the darkness? Will we try to extinguish it? Have we become so accustomed to the dark, that we actually think we see better without the light? Are we feeling our way through the darkness? Will we run to the light? Will we let the light expose the darkness in us? Are we prepared to carry the light and shine it in the midst of other’s darkness?

The themes of light that unfold throughout the story of the Bible inspired this project for the Christmas season at Gospel City Church. Anchored in John 1:9-13 and Isaiah 9. The focus of this effort was to tell the story of the Gospel in a non-traditional Christmas narrative, yet still make the overall experience both in branding and in-room familiar and inviting.


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“Rescued from shadow, and relieved of my plight. For I once was darkness, but now am light.”

The intent with this two part film was to explore the biblical contrast between darkness and light. Both light and darkness are treated as if they were contrasting characters. How would you describe the qualities of light and darkness as if they were people? What symbolism can be drawn to scripture regarding our position as people who once wandered in darkness, but have now seen the light, and ultimately carry the light within them?

"The people who walked in darkness have seen a great light; those who dwelt in a land of deep darkness, on them light has shone.” - Isaiah 9:2

live event + production

Warm lighting, crisp screen visuals, and custom made chandeliers overhead made for a unique in-room experience for this gathering. To support the digital branding and aid in creating an inviting and familiar feel, the stage design featured two columns of warm fresnels and. Also, a unique feature to this stage design was a custom built backlit fabric panel.

The film for this event was played in sequence featuring a live moment from on stage in between each part. Selections from the Message Bible were delivered with live triggered visuals and SFX. Screen visuals were all unique to this brand and created exclusively with After Effects.

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