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brand development • motion graphics + animation • film editing + production • creative direction


asst. art direction josh spear
josh spear
environments adara smith

creative direction

The Arbor is a unique gathering for women at Gospel City Church were the goal and intention is for women to feel seen, known, and loved. Each gathering has the goal of creating a unique and engaging environment that helps reinforce the mission of the event and bring about a sense of wonder and excitement.

Cultural Statement
Typically, an arbor is placed at the entrance to a garden. It’s what the plants cling to for support, growth, and purpose. It’s a framework for them to exist by. The construction of the arbor is a framework for life to cling to. Its patterns of growth are intricate and delicate. The center of the arbor is open giving access to the garden where there, the beauty thrives.

The arbor is an invitation for all to come and experience the beauty that awaits.

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